Trading support


  1. Trading setups for end of day, hourly and five-minute time frames are provided twice a day at 08:30 and 15:00. The charts with entry, take profit and stop loss levels are discussed. Charts are posted to the telegram groups.

  2. Live trading takes place from 08:00 and 10:00, 15:00 to 17:00 and again from 20:00 to 21:30. During these periods you will see our charts, hear us discuss the trades and see as we place trades on the US30 (DOW) and USD/ZAR currency pair using our one-minute strategy

Telegram Groups

  1. You will be included in two groups where you are welcome to discuss trading setups and communicate with like-minded individuals:
  2. a. In the day trading group, you will receive the daily charts with setups according to the strategies you have learnt. Alerts that a strategy is about to trigger in various time frames are posted here when Zoom is offline.

    b. In the longer-term trading group, you will receive trading setups according to longer term strategies. All markets are discussed here including shares.

Signal Service

  1. The signals are based on our most profitable strategies supported by The Traders Place.
  2. Install the signal service on your own MT4 platform so that you have the freedom to select the markets, time frames and strategies that suit you.

  3. The signal service only works on MT4 through our preferred regulated liquidity provider.
  4. The signals are displayed on your trading screen and replicated on your Apple or Android tablet/phone.

  5. Signals are sent in advance, so you have time to react (limited to 10 signals per minute).

  6. Load signals onto multiple charts – no limits.

One-on-one personal trading coach/mentor

  1. You will have a trading coach assigned to you; he will be available for:
  2. a. Assisting in setting up the charts on your trading platform.

    b. Assisting in any trading platform-based queries such as setting one click trading, automatic take profit and stop loss levels and setting up profiles.

    c. Answering strategy related questions.


The risk of loss in trading can be substantial, carefully consider the inherent risks of such an investment in light of your finacial condition. There is no guarantee that you can replicate the success shown on this website. Neither at present, nor in the future shall we provide any financial advice to you or any of our customers and no information which may be found on our website/platform may be considered as financial advice for any purpose whatsoever. By using our services you consent to doing so at your own risk.