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Module 1 (Pieter Coetzer)

Trading geared instruments

  1. Understanding gearing

How various markets work

  1. Forex Markets
  2. Commodities
  3. International and local Indexes

Introduction to Technical Analysis

  1. Various types of charts
  2. Price action
  3. Understanding candlesticks and candle patterns

Money Management

  1. Position sizing per trading instrument
  2. Managing profits and losses

Getting the most out of MT4 platform

  1. Setting up profiles and templates
  2. Setting up multiple platforms and charts on one computer/laptop
  3. Setting up one click trading
  4. Setting automatic take profit and stop loss levels
  5. Practical exercise

Module 2 (Patrick Moore)

Introduction to Target Trading

  1. Statistics versus strategy
  2. The foundation of the short-term strategies
  3. a. The simple moving average
    b. The simple moving average
    c. The simple moving average
  4. Using moving averages to determine the trend

Introduction to Fibonacci

  1. Introduction to the Fibonacci numbers
  2. Using Fibonacci to identify periods of consolidation
  3. Using Fibonacci to identify when markets are trending and identifying price targets

The High/Low Trading System

  1. Using the end-of-day charts to determine:
  2. a. Future levels of support and resistance
    b. Future take profit levels
    c. Future stop loss levels
  3. Trading hourly and five minute candles:
  4. a. Out of consolidation
    b. Trading retracement
  5. Practical exercise

Module 3 (Patrick Moore)

Trading using the Stochastic Oscillator

  1. How the Stochastic oscillator works
  2. Using the Stochastic oscillator to determine periods of consolidation
  3. Using the Stochastic oscillator to trade out of consolidation in the direction of the trend
  4. The stop loss for the strategy
  5. Using the Stochastic oscillator to add into positive trades
  6. Using the Stochastic oscillator to measure the strength of price action/momentum
  7. Applying the Stochastic oscillator to various time frames and markets
  8. Using the Stochastic oscillator to determine significant highs and lows in the market
  9. Practical exercise

Module 4 (Patrick Moore)

The nine-hour consolidation trading system

  1. Various markets where this strategy can be applied
  2. The retest of teh opening price level
  3. Applying the Fibonacci retracement to determine the daily nine-hour consolidation
  4. Trading in the direction of the trend
  5. Take profit and stop loss levels
  6. Practical exercise

The opening range

  1. Applying the Fibonacci retracement to determine the daily opening range
  2. Using the opening range to determine volatility for the trading session
  3. Entry, take profit and stop loss levels
  4. Practical exercise

Module 5 (Patrick Moore)

Trading with three equal channels

  1. The rules for drasing channels
  2. Determine the trend
  3. Determining levels of support and resistance
  4. Determining price targets
  5. Practical exercise

Trading using Extension Fibonacci retracement levels

  1. The rules for placing the Fibonacci retracements on the charts
  2. Entry, stop loss and take profit levels
  3. Trading the Extension Fib failure
  4. Practical exercise

Module 6 (Patrick Moore)

Trading the one-minute system

  1. Trading out of consolidation
  2. a. Moving average
    b. Applying the Stochastic
    c. Defining the trend
    d. The stop loss
    e. Trading summary
  3. Trading the retracement(overbought/oversold conditions)
  4. a. Setting up the Stochastic
    b. High risk setup
    c. Medium risk setup
    d. Low risk setup
    e. Stop loss
    f. Trading summary
  5. Trading the direction of the trend
  6. a. Setting up the Stochastic
    b. Defining the trend
    c. Trading the separation
    d. Trading summary
    e. Stop loss
  7. Tracing the three Stochastic system
  8. a. Setting up the Stochastic
    b. Trading the momentum
    c. Defining the trend
    d. Trading summary
    e. Stop loss
  9. Trading the retracement continuation
  10. a. Defining the trend
    b. Trading the separation in the direction of the trend
    c. Trading summary
    d. Stop loss

Module 7 (Patrick Moore)

Trading Psychology

  1. Clearing your mind-eliminate preconceived ideas
  2. a. Determination versus frustration
    b. Optimism versus pessimism
    c. Why are you trading?
  3. The various animals in trading
  4. a. Bulls
    b. Bears
    c. Sheep
    d. Pigs

Module 8 (Warren Peacock)

  1. Trading as a business plan
  2. a. Budget
    b. Cashflow analysis
    c. Cashflow planning
    d. S.W.O.T analysis
  3. Trading plan
  4. a. Trading systems
    b. Back Testing strategy
    c. Money management
    d. Position sizing calculator

Module 9 (Warren Peacock)

  1. Forex Trading Plan
  2. a. Trend identification
    b. Forex Matrix for identifying change in trends
    c. Forex Trading Plan for multiple pairs
    d. Position sizing for Forex Trading Plan

Module 10 (Warren Peacock)

  1. Longer term trading with leverage
  2. a. Daily index charts trading plan
    b. Trading ideas for commodities
    c. Longer term Share trading strategies


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