Warren Peacock

Warren began trading stocks in 2003 and progressed to Index and Forex trading in 2004. In 2005 he joined Share Direct, a financial market training company where he taught retail traders in Shares, Index and Forex trading.

He later joined Ideal CFD’s a CFD provider that was bought by IG Markets, he remained with IG as head Market Analyst and Client education for South Africa until December 2011.

In January 2012 Warren started coaching other traders in Technical analysis, systems building and leveraged trading, whilst focusing on his own trading.

He has appeared on CNBC Africa and many radio stations as a market commentator and stock picker. He currently enjoys working with Standard Bank Securities, South Africa, to educate their retail clients on Technical Analysis and Trading Strategy. Warren has also done Ad-Hoc work for ABSA Bank South Africa. He posted trade ideas on Nextmarkets as one of 8 international trading coaches. His ultimate focus is trading the markets and helping others to do the same.

Patrick Moore

Patrick started his career in trading over twenty years ago.

After starting out with Progressive Systems College he co-founded Share Direct and spent most of his time traveling around the country teaching technical analysis.

He eventually sold his interest in Share Direct to follow his own path of trading as opposed to managing a large business. Over the years his interest in Technical analysis has led to him writing many training manuals and has used his experience developing many trading strategies.

He has mainly focussed on teaching fundamental and technical analysis to private individuals. Patrick trades the SA40 (ALSI) and US30 (DOW) using one-minute and five-minute strategies. He is great believer in Target Trading and uses Fibonacci levels to predict future targets to great success. These days he enjoys spending time supporting traders by trading with them real time over zoom.

Pieter Coetzer

Pieter started his trading journey early 2016 while studying B-com Business management.

He was introduced to trading forex while being part of a network marketing company that taught people to trade and traded for them via robots. He got interested in the art of trading and learning the skill while trading part time. After trading the markets on and off for 2 years and doing several trading courses and wiping out several trading accounts, he decided to go into trading on a more full-time basis.

He did the Pro Traders workshop with The Traders Hideout at the end of 2018 and started trading with them from January 2019 as a full-time trader and decided to leave his studies for his B-com degree behind.

Since he started trading with Warren and Patrick, he went from wiping accounts to being profitable and started teaching himself. He is taking long term trades on forex and trade indices on a shorter term using technical analysis with candle patterns and formations incorporated with Fib-levels for entries and targets.